" Building Blocks for the Future"

To provide our customers with quality housing, , and to

ensure that people receive quality housing based on their humanity, not on their economic status.

DARREN K REAL ESTATE, LLC is a licensed New York State, HUD certified,

Real Estate Brokerage firm.

We are committed to providing the finest Real Estate services to our

customers (i.e., buying, selling, renting, property management, real estate consulting and mortgages)

by well trained ethical and professional sales agents.

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Darren K. Pearson CEO:

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Lydia A. Berry Pearson: CFO

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Privacy Policy

We are a New York State licensed Real Estate Brokerage firm that has a fiduciary relationship with our clients.

Any information received from a client will not be provided to any agency or person without the express permission of the client period.

All information contained within this site is the property of the company and the author and cannot be copied or duplicated without permission.